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I began to show symptoms of eczema as a toddler and remember suffering from the vicious cycle of itching then dealing with the soreness afterwards throughout childhood, through to late teens. I found that it was brought on most often in hot conditions such as after playing sports, being in chlorinated swimming pools or when wearing thick layers.

At times, the itching caused by eczema can feel like stinging or burning. As mentioned before, it’s an endless cycle of itching then dealing with the rawness of your skin afterwards. It can feel hopeless and frustrating at times like these.

As you can imagine, being a teenager and trying to avoid scratching during classes definitely affected my ability to concentrate whilst also affecting confidence. 

As a child, other children did not understand eczema or other skin conditions, so when they saw the redness of affected areas of skin, it used to result in disgust and then feelings of shame. 

As time went on the itch cycle became apparent, so I’d know when the itching starts that I’d end up falling down the trap of scratching which then leads to skin soreness, obviously causing a negative effect on my mood. Itching at night was a major factor in sleep loss through my younger years. The itching would keep me awake at night!


I found some relief in using an intensive moisturising cream but in the long run, to prevent the itching which actually led to the red, sore skin, I found that Eurax 10% Cream was incredibly beneficial!

I discovered Eurax 10% Cream when I was in my early teens. My dad had seen some in a pharmacy and brought it home. I was desperate to ‘cure’ my eczema so was willing to give anything a try!

My first impression when using Eurax 10% Cream was the distinct, pleasant floral fragrance. This was nice compared to the usual medicated cream smell. I put complete faith in this product as it never let me down when relieving itching caused by eczema. 

Eurax 10% Cream worked the first time I used it, I was totally shocked at how quick it relieved my itching! I was delighted and relieved, after all those years of suffering from eczema, Eurax 10% Cream helped me get over the itching stage of the condition which then resulted in me not scratching anymore.

And guess what, I haven’t had an eczema flare-up in almost 5 years! It felt like a new sense of freedom had been given to me! 

The funniest way I've tried to soothe my itchy skin was cabbage leaves. Apparently putting cabbage leaves on your arms/legs and bandaging them up was an old European method of clearing up eczema!

And no matter what, DO. NOT. SCRATCH. 

Eurax 10% Cream 100g

Eurax 10% Cream provides long-lasting relief from itchy skin conditions and is non-greasy and non-staining. Suitable for adults and children over 3. 

Eurax 10% Cream 30g

Eurax 10% Cream helps to stop itching fast to give you relief from itching and skin irritation caused by dermatitis, allergic rashes and hives. Suitable for adults and children over 3. 

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